BOSS MT-2 Metal Zone - Modded

BOSS MT-2 Metal Zone - Modded

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Removed internal gyrator to bypass mid-scoop, more gain, more noise. This mod bypasses an internal mid-boost before the distortion circuit, and an internal high/low boost after the distortion (these EQs are responsible for most of the metal zone stock sound.) Bypassing these EQs results in a tone closer to a vanilla hard-clipping distortion sound with an active EQ, it does not change the way the active EQ dials operate.

A gain limiting resistor has been removed, which results in the distortion stage having significantly more gain (and noise), and one of the final op-amp stages has been converted into an additional gain stage.

Overall the mods make it an extremely high gain hard clipping distortion box with a 4 band EQ.

Velcro base. Includes non-original box.

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