Conductive Labs The NDLR

Conductive Labs The NDLR

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A MIDI Four-track, Sequenced Arpeggiator, Chord Player and Drone all in one. Press one of the seven chord buttons, and the two arpeggiators and drone follow the chord notes while your polyphonic synth sings with pads. There are start and stop buttons for each of the four parts, and a button to start/stop all parts. And there’s a “panic” button to stop all MIDI notes. A color LCD screen shows you everything that’s going on. A very flat menu structure keeps menu diving to a minimum.

With two sets of 5 pin DIN MIDI inputs and outputs, and four USB MIDI virtual ports you have lots of ways to connect your MIDI devices. There is also CV clock in and out connectors to sync with your Korg Volcas, modular or semi modular synths. It works with MIDI hardware synths, and your DAW or tablet, if that’s your thing.

Includes original box.


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