Singular Sound Auros Gold Edition Looper

Singular Sound Auros Gold Edition Looper

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The Auros Gold Edition is Singular Sounds most thrilling offering. User-friendliness combines with an absolutely stacked range of features to create an industry leading looper.

In addition to uber user-friendly standard looping functions, Singular Sound has added smart functions like the error-friendly auto-quantise, intelligent end-of-measure forgiveness, a built-in mixer mode for adjusting volume on the fly, the capacity for importing you're own backing tracks and easy undo/redo commands.

An amazing suite of built-in effects add to the witchcraft/wizardry, including auto-fade in/out, loop decay and the always-fun reverse track.

With capacity for up to 20 minutes of mono audio per track for a total of ten hours per song (hopefully will that be enough?), the Auros is studio-grade and proffessional quality - see the 24-bit audio and 32-bit floating point processing / option for line and instrument levels / stereo and mono availability.

Expansive and functional.

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